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Lifelong Pursuit

Clayton Thiel has been passionately making sculptures for over 40 years. He came to the San Francisco Bay area to study with renowned sculptors like Peter Voulkos and Manuel Neri. While sculpting, Clayton has also been teaching and lecturing for the last 30+ years at colleges and other institutions.

In Clayton's own words:

"My work is often categorized as surrealism/visionary – calling on the unconscious dream world and bringing it into play through each piece of work. What I admire about surrealist artists of the 20th century is that they took the most improbable combinations of dreams, memories and reflections, and made them appear possible."

Time lapse of Owl construction

"...character and dignity..."

We have enjoyed Clayton's creations in our garden and on our deck for years. His large head sculpture powerfully elicits a sense of character and dignity, while the other two smaller pieces are clearly products of Clayton's unique imagination and whimsical humor. All display his mastery of the medium he works in, and add interest and beauty to our home.

Steve & Leslie Rein - Oakland, CA

"...brings it alive..."

We invested in one of Clayton's Dreamer's Dreaming sculptures because we wanted our backyard landscape to be infused with the character, spirit and imagination that his work inspires. Because of the natural elements and colors of the work, it adds to the landscape - brings it alive - without overpowering the existing elements.

Ben Shick - Oakland, CA